This is a difficult decade for everyone who is self dependent. Everyone needs money and there is not enough ways to make money available to all the people in the world. So, earning smallest amount is very hard and the way the society is growing, it becoming very hard to cope with when the matter comes to the question of money. Money is the most essential thing that can be considered as the driver of this society. Money guarantees everything possible to imagine. This is the thing that places some people to the highest rank of society where ass the lack of money places any man in the dire distress of living.

The necessity of this:

Extra earning is the luxury everyone needs. Money is welcome in every form it comes and the quantity does not matter. Extra earning is most welcome to the students who has to take care of study and cannot afford a regular job. So, the fact has come to the freelancing job or the job for part timers. In this generating generation, the intelligence level is getting higher due to the advanced studies. The larger part of the people in this world knows computer and can operate it in expert way. So, the increasing number of internet surfers has crowded the canvas of web and it is growing very rapidly. The internet literate people are using many social networking sites to earn, no matter how little. This has enabled them the flexibility to be in comfort of home while working. This internet earning has placed the students to get paid for the work he does in his spare time which covers his extra expenses. To talk about using social media to earn, one must use YouTube. This world famous number one video blog site can be used to make money very easily. But for that, one needs to know how to make money on YouTube.
The techniques to earn money on YouTube:

Now the question that comes to mind at first is how to make money on YouTube? Well, answer to that, there are certain steps to understand and regulate to successfully make money on YouTube. The steps are-

 One must need a YouTube account. This account is simple to open and resembles any mail account. If one has an account, then that account is sufficient to make the needs meet.

 There are individual channels attached to each account. These channels show the videos uploaded by someone. So it is imperative to set some unique keywords by which the channel can be found out by another persons.
 The next step is to upload a video. There are some facts to upload a video:

  • The videos should be short.
  • The videos should be interesting.
  • They should be in high resolution and high quality.
  • They should contain content to attract watchers.
  • They should not contain copyrighted elements

 After uploading the video, the next step is to monetize the video. The term denotes the fact that one is granting permission to YouTube to place ads in the video. This act is called monetization. There are two steps to monetize the video:

  • While the video is uploading, clicking on the monetization tab and checking the box “Monetize with ads”.
  • After the video has been uploaded, one needs to open the video manager and the click on the “$” sign and the checking the box “Monetize with ads”

 Then one needs to open an account in Google AdSense to get the money delivered. In this case, the person must be 18 years of age or more with a PayPal or bank accounts.
Now that one knows how to make money on YouTube, he can successfully earn money on YouTube to cover the extra expenses.