Money, the first and last word of the present age is also the hardest thing to find or gather. Gathering money is the only thought that haunts the minds of the people of this generation. But between thinking of something and ultimately execute it, lies a great hiatus. To leap over this gap is the toughest feat to achieve. Then one needs to formulate a plan that is simple and decent. Having only one job does not suffice to the demands of the price of essential commodities. Then one must be in constant look out for how to make extra money.

Internet is here to help and happily:

To find a guaranteed best way to make money is hard enough. Now there are multitudinous options to earn and gather money. One of the options is earning money using internet. To earn money using internet is both hard and easy. Hard for them who do not have the adequate knowledge of internet and easy for them who are the computer wizards. The rapidly evolving social networking sites are becoming a useful way to make money. These sites are great for the part timers and the freelancers who are in need of some extra money to spend. And the main advantage of this is that one can work from home and not is an office.
In the field of social networking site, YouTube is well known. YouTube is a global video blogging site and the most famous one also. There are some stages that one needs to know how to make money on YouTube. The uploaded videos, by an individual can be made into use to make some additional money. Money, no matter in how large or small amount is earned, serves any purpose.

The stages to acquire money from YouTube:

  • The first stage one needs to complete is to create an account on YouTube. The YouTube account is the same as the Google or Gmail account and it is as simple to open. If someone already has an account, then that former account suffices for the needs.
  • The main aspect of YouTube is that each and every user is served with a channel that needs to be tagged with keywords of the user’s choosing. The keywords should be relative to the contents and easy to remember and find.
  • The contents which the user chooses to upload in his channel should be of high quality and short duration. That way the viewers will be interested to watch them.
  • To make people watch the videos is the only way to success. There is no other option to engage people to watch the uploaded contents. The contents should be interesting and captivating and they should have the power to attract people.
  • The next step is monetization. This is the most important stage. This stage offers YouTube the permission to place ads in the videos one uploads. There should be no copyrighted materials in the video. This is simple task. To monetize the video, one just needs to check “Monetize with ads” box under the Monetization tab.
  • One may setup Google AdSense by creating an account on Google AdSense. One must be over 18+ age to do this. This also needs a PayPal or a bank account to get the money.
  • One need to check analytics regularly to keep track of what is happening to the video and the performance of the same.

After the successful monetization and having a large amount of views, one can gain entrance to the elite sector of partners of YouTube and this will grant many more advantages.